Frits Van Evert

Wageningen UR – DLO

Scientist in Production Ecology

Dockweeder coordinator

Frits K. van Evert is an agronomist with additional expertise in robotics and ICT. He led the development of a robot to control broad-leaved dock, as well as the development of a smart sprayer to control broad-leaved weeds in soccer fields. Another line of investigation seeks to improve robot localization by making optimal use of information from cameras and laser scanners. Finally, Dr Van Evert uses satellite imagery, unmanned airplanes, and tractor-mounted sensors to measure crop reflectance and thus to provide precise fertilizer recommendations to farmers.



Lazaros Nalpantidis


Associate Professor in Cognitive Robotics

Lazaros Nalpantidis is Associate Professor in Cognitive Robotics at Aalborg University Copenhagen, Denmark. His background is in robotics and robot vision. He has been involved in numerous research projects funded by the European Commission, European Space Agency, as well as national funds.



Dejan Seatovic


Team Leader « Vison & Navigation »

Dr.-Ing. Dejan Šeatović is Croatian/Swiss geomatics engineer who dedicated his scientific career to the precision farming, especially in area of single plant detection in real-time. Beside several ICT-Agri projects, he lead variety of industrial and scientific undertakings in areas of 2D and 3D perception, med-tech, forensics, etc. His expertise areas are sensing systems, image processing, point-clouds processing and software engineering.



Thomas Anken


Head of the research group “Agricultural System Engineering”

After extensive trials with microwave and other ways to kill rumex, the research group of Thomas Anken developed the hot water treatment for Rumex, which will be further developed within this project. Apart of these activities diverse projects like “Controlled traffic farming”, “Energy use and emissions of tractors”, “Impact of slurry distributions systems on agrononomical and botanical parameters of meadows” are treated by this research group.



Roy Latsch



Dr. Roy Latsch is a German biologist and agronomist. His field of work includes the processes in grassland management. Most recently, he developed the nonchemical hot-water treatment against broad-leaved docks (Rumex obtusifolius L.) for organic farmers.




4_Partners_8_Hans Bachmann2


Hans Bachmann

Bachmann AG


Hans Bachmann is the Swiss owner of a small enterprise for high-pressure equipment who engineered the first commercial special-purpose machine for hot-water treatment against broad-leaved docks. Bachmann’s expertise lies in the conception and adaption of high-pressure water systems.





Anne-Marie Haute

Pilgrim Technology


Anne-Marie Haute is the CEO of Pilgrim Technology, in charge of innovation. Coming from the technical inspection, our company located in western France is specialized in robotic solutions. We provide robots and drones: flying, rolling, floating, increased human … We have strong experience in industry, safety / security.




Bertrand Pinel

R&D project Manager

Ing. Bertrand Pinel is a French agronomist engineer who is now working as an R&D project manager for Terrena Innovation, a daughter company of the agricultural cooperative Terrena (22 000 farmers, 14000 employees, € 5.0 billions turnover). Hence, he represents two kinds of end-users: the farmers and their advisors. Bertrand is involved in different topics: robotics, soil preservation, water management and functional biodiversity. His goal is to identify new scientific and technical solutions for farmers to help them to move to Ecologically Intensive Farming (produce more and better with less).



Corné Kempenaar

Wageningen UR – DLO

Senior scientist

Corné has worked over 25 years in agricultural research organisations, mainly within Wageningen UR. He started to work on disease control in legume crops. He then did a PhD study on biological weed control using weed pathogenic fungi. In studies, he worked with several types of sensors to improve pesticide efficacy and reduce use and side effects, with reference to MLHD and Sweep herbicide weed control. In 2005, he became involved in precision farming, e.g. development of variable rate technology for potato haulm killing herbicides, contact fungicides and soil herbicides. He is member of EIP-focus group Mainstreaming precision Farming.